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TRS-80 - Horizons VI013

Updated October 2, 2012
Horizons contains 12 new original recordings that feature some of TRS-80's finest musical work to date, incorporating everything from their signature live drums and vintage analog synths to acoustic guitar, vocals and steel drums. The song "Mirage" appeared on the Electronic Arts snowboarding video game, SSX and videos for "Love Song" (featuring Annie Sachs of Tickley Feather), "Cigarette Boat", and "Night Flashes" can be found below. The Horizons t shirt is available *here*.

Credits: Music and artwork by Jay Rajeck with addtional production and keyboard by Eric Fensler. Visit for more information.
Videos: AnouncementLove SongCigarette Boat Night Flashes
Also available from: iTunes, Spotify, eMusic, Amazon +
Vinyl copies available exlcusively at Big Love (Tokyo) within Japan.

  Click song title to listen. TRT 47 min • 33RPM
Side A
01 Horizons

02 Mirage
03 Dream Sequence

04 Cigarette Boat
05 Forever In My Heart

Side B
06 Hues (Digital Only)
07 Light Up My Life
08 Divine Intervention

09 Night Flashes (Digital Only)
10 Second Nature (Digital Only)
11 Fluorescent Pink Sunrise
12 Love Song (vocals by Annie Sachs)
13 Endvision

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TRS-80 - Horizons - Instant Download

TRS-80 Horizons VI013 Mirage SSX

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